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Taylor. 21. Austin, TX.
College student. Chemist.
I love science, art, poetry, nature, philosophy, and anything else that inspires me or makes my heart rate quicken.


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  1. ghostanime said: the person who made the atheist point has the right idea.. it’d be similar to denying atheists because of ones we don’t necessarily agree with. we can’t define a label by anecdotals.
  2. purple-cosmos said: I gotta agree with Space-Tart and Ikenbot
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  4. space-tart said: There are atheists who are self righteous and hypocritical but that doesn’t make me not an atheist because some people are dicky atheists.
  5. kenobi-wan-obi said: Except feminism doesn’t revolve around just one person. So when you deny feminism because of one person or one idea that doesn’t mean it encompasses the whole.
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